Drake's "Showin Off" Leaker Hit With Cease & Desist Letter


One the biggest headlines yesterday was a new Drake track possibly surfacing by means a leak. While “God’s Plan” is still dominantly ruling the universe, spending its seventh week atop the Billboard charts, Drizzy is already planning his next smash hit, and it’s in the form a Lauryn Hill-sampled song called “Showin Off.” When the audio from the track caught people’s attention, it spread like wildfire, as anything Drake-related usually does. However, the footage being shared was not from an authorized source and thus, sharing the track breaks copyright rules. When Drake’s label caught wind what was going on, they dropped the hammer swiftly, fering a few letters to those responsible.

Cease & desist letters were ficially sent out to whoever was responsible for the initial leak the song, with the track formally being referred to as “Showin Off,” confirming the suggested title. The letter in question states the following: “We have learned that your service is making available, distributing and/or referring/linking users to infringing copies the following sound recordings, the copyrights in which are exclusively owned by one or more IFPI Represented Companies: DRAKE – SHOWIN OFF – Universal Music Group.” 

While leaks have been historically common in the music industry, labels have kept their artist’s music relatively under wraps for the last several years, making a leak a high-prile song this magnitude a surprising suspect. Get a look at the letter below and let us know if you think the track will ever surface?