Drake’s "OVO Sound Radio" Finds New Home Through Major SiriusXM Pandora Deal


Apple Music has been the home of Drake‘s successful radio show since its inception several years ago. The Canadian superstar loves to show his fans what music he’s been listening to, putting people onto lesser-known artists and shining a spotlight on future talent. Like in the sports world, his contract with Apple has seemingly expired and it was time to shop new deals arounds. With a name as big as Drake’s you would expect that he get a ton of money thrown at him and according to a new report, he has found a fresh home for OVO Sound Radio.

Drake's "OVO Sound Radio" Finds New Home Through Major SiriusXM Pandora Deal
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

As reported by Hip Hop-N-More, the 6ix God just inked a new deal with SiriusXM Pandora, which marks one of the first major artist collaborations for the platform. Products will reportedly begin rolling out in the coming months and then only will we know what the global sensation is working on. There’s a chance that some exclusive content will be unveiled, perhaps bringing SiriusXM Pandora more to the forefront to expand on their already impressive reach. 

So far, the fine print of the deal is unknown. All we know is that it contains an “extensive” amount of new stuff from Drake and his new home. What are you hoping for from this?