Drake’s Luxurious Mansion Features An OVO Basketball Court


Back in 2015 Drake dropped a reported $6.7 million on a property in Toronto’s Bridle Path neighborhood where the music maker tore down a house that was previously on the property, to build his own crib from the ground up. The “Started From The Bottom” rapper has previously shown progress shots of the stunning home and by the looks of his recent shares to Instagram, the most important aspect of the house is complete – the basketball court. 

Drake’s latest upload to his feed shows two video clips of the OVO stamped court. One clip shows his view from the rooftop, looking down on the court from the glass ceiling while the other clip shows Drake sinking a shot from a balcony view of the court from inside the home – what a life. “Basketball, dinner, @euphoria on a Sunday,” he captioned the post. 

Euphoria is one of the latest series to drop on HBO that Drake has proudly been involved in. The show stars Zendaya, Maude Apatow among others as a teen struggles with sobriety while her group of friends are dealing with just as many issues that come with blooming into an adult. “Tonight one of the most remarkable creations I have ever been apart of will be shared with the world!” Drake wrote on Instagram for the show’s premiere.

Safe to say Drake’s Sunday was done right.