Drake's "Gods Plan," "Despacito," & More Vandalized In YouTube Hack


A song’s popularity can live or die by it’s popularity on YouTube, but our reliance on technology in the digital age can sometimes have unexpected consequences. 

Case in point, this morning a number popular artists’ VEVO pages on YouTube were targeted by hackers for vandalism.

According to HipHopNMore, the hack changed the titles several videos by popular artists including Adele, Chris Brown, Katy Perry and Beyonce. They even managed to change the title Drake’s “God’s Plan” video.

Most the videos were given different names (apologies to Shakira), but they all contained the same message: “Hacked by Kuroi’sh & Prosox.”

Many the titles were quickly changed back, so the damage didn’t last long. Later on, however, a Twitter user claiming to be Prosox explained how and why he changed the titles.

He wrote that the hack was just for fun, but warned YouTube not to leave their website in the hands any developer that could overlook the method from which he changed the titles, as he claimed he just used a simple script to accomplish his task.

The VEVO titles weren’t the only victims, however, there was another, stranger instance hacking that didn’t match the others.

The video for Luis Fonsi’s smash hit “Despacito,” which just recently became the first video to cross the five billion views milestone, was completely alters. The video was replaced with an image from the Netflix original, La Casa de Papel, in which several masked up figures point guns at the camera. The description in the video only read, “Free Palestine.” The “Despacito” video has now been deleted.

Prosox claimed that it wasn’t him who deleted the video, but chances are he’s still the prime suspect.