Drake's Dad Gifted New OVO Chain, Almost Loses It At Airport


Dennis Graham, Drake’s father, proudly showed f his new OVO chain on Instagram earlier today but the chain almost never got to him. Boodaddy Diamonds designed the new ice a cut-out OVO owl with diamonds surrounding the piece. TMZ caught up with the jeweler when he landed at LAX, asking about who rocks the best ice in the rap game. Shortly after declaring the Migos as the leaders when it comes to jewelry and showing the photographer the diamond piece, he walked f to get his luggage at the conveyor belt, leaving behind the chain and his backpack. 

Giving ample opportunity for somebody to snatch the chain, as we’ve seen so many times in the past, Boodaddy left Dennis’ new ice unattended for only a short moment but it was long enough for some thievery to take place. The TMZ photog kept an eye on it while the jeweler returned and it looks as though the piece got to Drake’s dad safely. Posting a photo to his prile as he rocks the OVO owl proudly, Graham thanked Boodaddy in his caption, writing, “Thanks to my brother @boodaddydiamonds for the new large OVO necklace MIAMI diamonds in the house.”

Thankfully, Drake’s father can rep his son’s brand as he’s out and about during Coachella weekend. Check out TMZ’s footage below.