Drakeo The Ruler Threatens To Quit Rap, With Murder Charge Looming


While the definition of the time period “political prisoner” is contentious to say the least, followers of Drakeo The Ruler are adamant he suits the invoice. In 2016, Drakeo was accused of plotting the homicide of RJ, an LA rapper with whom he’d fallen out. The DA’s workplace is below the impression, Drakeo furnished the weapons that had been utilized by two enforcers, Jaiden Boyd, and Mikell Buchanan, in the failed try on RJ’s life. Buchanan wound up killing an alleged gang member named Davion Gregory in lieu of altering his course (with RJ absent). For that motive, Drakeo’s prices have been upheld; his attorneys are calling bullsh*t, nonetheless.

In view of this wrestle, Drakeo The Ruler is threatening to stop rap altogether. Since going up near midnight, Drakeo’s Twitter proclamation has been appreciated over 1,500 instances, planting a seed for a grass-roots marketing campaign made out in his honor. The message was poignant like a stress tactic but additionally pointed – to at least one particular person particularly, whomst he blames for the dearth of clemency within the case: the one Detective Francis Hardiman of the LAPD. It’s unclear what compelled Drakeo is to desert ship. As of this writing, all of the music submitted to streaming platforms stays intact, regardless of his pissed off pleas.