Drake Wins Big At The BBMAs & Gives Shout Outs To "GoT," ScHoolBoy Q, Offset, & Quavo


Drizzy cleaned up at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, taking home 12 awards of the 17 categories he was nominated. The rapper made Game of Thrones fans proud when he mentioned Arya Stark in his acceptance speech after he won the Top 200 Album award, recognizing her for “putting in that work” during the Battle of Winterfell.

“Thank you to everybody who gave me their time, their energy, stayed away from their family and friends while we were trying to complete this,” he said. “I always had a dream of doing a double album and I finally did it so now I’ll never do it again.” Drake also thanked Billboard and said he needed a glass of champagne before adding, “Hey, shout-out to Arya Stark for putting in that work last week. Ay!”

When Drake returned to the stage to accept the Top Male Artist award, he gave a nod to ScHoolboy Q who recently said in an interview that Drake gets hate for no reason. Q called Drake “one of the greats” and said, “If Drake is trash, you n*ggas stop giving him 50 billion streams, you get what I’m saying? ‘Cause y’all all listening to it, bruh, it’s too many streams…You just don’t wanna say it.”

On the BBMA stage Drake said, “This one means a lot to me because it’s an artist award and I just wanna say that we just got back from tour recently in Europe. We spent a lot of nights talking to each other. We spent a lot of nights conversing. We’ve obviously had an unfortunate series of losses within our business. I just want to encourage everybody to let other artists know how you feel about them. Let them know that you love them, respect them, while we’re all still here.”

“You know, ScHoolboy Q said something really nice about me the other day,” he added. “I had to sit there and debate whether or not I was going to reach out to him and obviously I didn’t feel like being that guy that’s too cool. So, I reached out to him. I let him know it meant the world to me. To each and every one of you that we do this together. We do this every year. My brother right there, Offset. Shout out to my brother. Came on tour with me, showed me love. My brother [Quavo]. To all of us, you know we put in a lot of work together. This is our thing so we gotta protect it. So I just encourage you tonight, just show somebody some love. Tell somebody you love their music and love what they do.”

Drake Wins Big At The BBMAs & Gives Shout Outs To "GoT," ScHoolBoy Q, Offset, & Quavo
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The OVO rapper also beat out his competition in the following categories: Top Artist, Top Male Artist, Top 200 Artist, Top 100 Artist, Top Streaming Songs Artist, Top Songs Sales Artist, Top Radio Songs Artist, Top Rap Artist, Top Rap Male Artist, Top 200 Album, Top Rap Album, Top Streaming Song (Video).