Drake Was Featured On Kanye West’s ‘Yikes’ Before Their Beef – According To Pi’erre Bourne


Drake was revealed to be a songwriter on Kanye West’s ye album cut “Yikes” in 2018 after originally not being credited, with Drizzy responsible for writing the hook. One of the song’s producers, Pi’erre Bourne, recently caught up with HipHopDX’s Jeremy Hecht and revealed that Drake was actually featured on the original track before their beef.

“I’m so happy that they’re performing together – that’s great for this culture,” Bourne said about Kanye West and Drake’s recent reconciliation at the Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert. “Those are my big brothers, so to see them together, I never would’ve thought. But it’s amazing to see, makes me feel way better about everything. ‘Cause I’ve been in the middle! I’ve been quiet for years! I’m just glad they’re on stage together. Oh my gosh. That’s so amazing, bro.

“And honestly, not too many people know that Drake wrote that. He sung the hook. When I was there, they were on the song together. Everyone was cheering me on because they were like, ‘You’ve got Drake and Kanye on your beat.’ I didn’t even know.”

Pi’erre Bourne explained he was working with Travis Scott when he found out they were both on his production, but Drake didn’t end up appearing on the final version.

“I was just working with Travis or something and then they came up to me like, ‘Yeah, man, you’ve got Drake and Kanye on your beat,’” he explained. “I’m like, ‘Swear to God?’ And they weren’t lying. But when the album came out, he wasn’t on there. So I was just like, maybe this is how the industry is. You can’t say nothing, so I just got back to work.”

He added, “But I’ve been in the middle for years. I’m just happy they’re working. They’re on stage together, man. It’s good for the culture, bro. Seriously, the culture needs to see love, not war, not beef. They need to see love, real love, unity.”

Pi’erre Bourne recently teamed up with Pepsi to launch the Pepsi Music Lab Academy, a three-day program giving three rising stars intimate studio sessions with the acclaimed producer. Each artist will leave the experience with an original song produced by Pi’erre Bourne and released through Pepsi.

“I feel like when I was presented this opportunity, it was just a no-brainer situation,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to be hands-on in the studio and just really help build someone’s sound and just make good music. At the end of the day, what I love to do the most is just make good music. So to be able to do this with Pepsi, that’s a huge opportunity. And then they’re creating a platform for, they’re literally creating a lane for new artists.”

To be in with a chance of getting picked, artists can submit an original track and video testimonial to pepsimusiclab.com by January 16, 2022.