Drake Spots His & J. Cole’s Doppelgängers Hanging Out: Watch


Drake and J. Cole are widely regarded as two of the strongest forces in the world of hip-hop today. They both deliver consistently incredible music, always pushing the envelope and getting fans excited for what they’re about to contribute. They’ve worked together in the past, including on the recently re-released “Jodeci Freestyle,” and people have been begging to hear them on another joint together in the future. While we might not be getting a collaboration between the Toronto and North Carolina natives anytime soon, their clones might just be teaming up for the hottest new record on the market.

Drake Spots His & J. Cole's Doppelgängers Hanging Out: Watch
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The 6ix God took a video from his building after spotting two men that look remarkably similar to himself and J. Cole. The Cole lookalike, complete with long dreads and all, was seen in the video “flicking up” photographs for his “Canadian” partner. Drake’s doppelganger poses in the middle of the street, looking on in the distance as his boy tries to capture the perfect shot. Finally, their impromptu photoshoot leads them to the sidewalk, where Drizzy takes a seat on a concrete block. Cole continues to snap pictures before taking a break and fading into the background as the real Drake provides commentary. 

“We get it, man. You like it or not? I got raps to write,” said the recording artist in the background. He can be heard silently giggling at times. Do you think alternate universe Cole and Drake can team up to create a banger?