Drake Shows Meek Mill Support After Judge Ignores Request To Travel To Toronto


It’s no secret that there’s a rift betweenMeek Mill and the judge that’s on his case, Genece Brinkley. After all, she did sentence him to two to four years behind bars for popping a wheelie — a decision that even the D.A and prosecutor were against. The rapper was released last year but his dealing with the judge is far from over. Most recently, he filed a request to travel to Toronto, alongside 76ers owner Michael Rubin, to attend game one of the Raptors vs. the 76ers for the NBA playoffs. Drake took to Instagram to show his support for both Meek and Rubin, claiming the CHAMPIONSHIP rapper’s presence was necessary for the occasion.

Drizzy took to his Instagram Story to send a message to Meek Mill and Michael Rubin after it was revealed the Philly rapper’s request to travel to Canada was ignored.

“They gotta let Meek into the city, it’s only right,” he wrote. “We got a classic series on our hands @michaelrubin @meekmill.”

Drake’s post came a few hours after Michael Rubin put Brinkley on blast, again. Taking to Instagram, he sent a message that painted a bigger picture than simply her treatment towards Meek.

“I know you have a vendetta against Meek Mill and are obsessed with trying to control every aspect of his life, but did you really NOT approve him to go to rep the sixers in Toronto for the game? Do you also hate PHILLY? As soon as the schedule came out, Meek asked probation for approval- they immediately approved,” he wrote. “We filed w/your court as soon as the schedule came out since you need to approve travel to Canada! Since you didn’t respond to numerous phone calls and emails we even sent a lawyer to the courthouse today!! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY IF THIS HAPPENS TO MEEK, WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENS TO THE AVG PERSON ON PROBATION??”