Drake & Rick Ross Sip Red Wine At Meeting Of The Bosses


It’s no secret that Drake and Rick Ross have assembled a strong shared discography, lined with tracks like “Lord Knows” and their most recent collaboration “Money In The Grave.” With the latter solidifying itself as one of the year’s summer bangers, the tandem has much to celebrate, though neither player is likely to break character in the other’s presence. As a result, the meetings between Drake and Rick Ross tend to be heavy in gravitas, often conjuring imagery of Tony Soprano breaking bread with Silvio Dante and Paulie Walnuts. In other words, the “Mob Ties” Drake so frequently professes. 

Given that both men have amassed no shortage of respect and assets, the comparison is not far off. Once again, the pair have decided to link up for a meeting of the minds, committing to the mafia motif by way of their chosen dining place. Which is to say, the kitchen. Together, the “Money In The Grave” collaborators sip a bottle of Luc Bellaire while patiently awaiting their first course. It’s unclear which topics lined the docket, but one can only image deals of various natures were discussed at lengths.

Do you count Drizzy and Renzel among the game’s most potent partnerships?