Drake Reveals His Pick For Song Of The Summer


We saw it happen with “Old Town Road” earlier this year when the TikTok app had a huge effect in creating the latest hit single. Perhaps we’re in the beginning stages of the next viral success. This new song has been dominating the airwaves around the country as it continues to gain momentum and now, the young artist has received a coveted co-sign from Drake. Could Ambjaay be in possession of the song of the summer?

Drake thinks the teenager, who is currently signed to Columbia Records, has a chance at making history this summer. Now that we’re enjoying the warm summer months, we’re waiting to see which track emerges as the clear song of the summer. It’s a journey that many artists wish to win, creating hits and dropping their best songs during this season. People are out and about and they want something to dance to. Ambjaay delivered with “Uno” and Drake is recognizing that the young star might be onto something. The track first started to blow up on TikTok and now, it has garnered over 10 million views on YouTube. Drizzy Drake slid into Jaay’s DMs to congratulate him on the success.

“Bro you snapping on everything that song going too insane,” wrote Drake in his first message to Ambjaay. He followed up with some major praise. “I guarantee next 3-4 weeks it’s the biggest song of the summer.”

Are you ready for Ambjaay’s takeover? Listen to the hit above.

Drake Reveals His Pick For Song Of The Summer