Drake Received Air Drake private jet for free

Drake Received His “Air Drake” Private Jet For Free


If these new reports are to be believed, Drake didn’t flex and purchase his Air Drake private jet for himself. Earlier this month, Drake showed off his new luxury ride: a 767 jet that reportedly retails for about $200 million. Few people questioned how the hip hop mogul could afford the luxury airliner because it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to believe that the rapper had those kinds of stacks in his bank account.

However, TMZ is stating that they’ve learned Drizzy didn’t put down a dime for “Air Drake” at all. According to the publication, Cargojet, a Cana-based airline that made the plane, gifted the rapper with the private jet. It’s their belief that the publicity surrounding “Air Drake” will create enough revenue that the plane will eventually pay for itself. This would be one helluva deal if it’s true and one has to wonder how many other artists can capitalize off of such an arrangement.

TMZ goes on to say that all Drake has to do is travel around the world while showing off his personalized Air Drake private jet, something that shouldn’t be too difficult for a world-touring rapper. Following the Toronto Raptors’ win against the Milwaukee Bucks, Drake immediately jetted to the Bahamas where Page Six reports he was seen kicking back with Michael Jordan, Charles Oakley, Ahmad Rashad, and Michael Rubin.