Drake Raps About Lacoste & P**** In High School Rhymebook On Sale For $35K


Drake is a pretty big industry name today, but like any other artist, he had to work his way there. Before his big break, the Canadian rapper and singer was just like any of us, a youngster with musical dreams. And most recently, the company Moments In Time revealed they would be selling the ultimate Drake memorabilia. According to TMZ, a notebook from the 2000s which allegedly contains Drake’s early rhymes from his high school days was retrieved and is being sold for $35K.

Despite being memorabilia previously owned by Drake, the bars herein are what make the notebook so valuable. The “Hotline Bling” artist discussed dreams of owning and wearing the luxury brand Lacoste, and this so much, he slapped a sticker of its logo on the notebook’s cover while also penning his name right above. Moreover, the rapper hinted at his dissing skills, notably perceived in the hit-track “Back to Back“, with an earlier rendition for the haters found in a song called “Smell P***y.” TMZ offered a glimpse of the lyrics: “Sholman’s a p***y … Johnny’s a snitch … You and Rosenblatt are like Abercrombie and B*tch.

Evidently, the rapper’s prepubescent lyrics hinted at his potential to become the megastar he is today