Drake Promises His New Album Is "For The City" Of Toronto


Everyday is “Drake Night” in Toronto. Legend has it that on the eve the Take Care anniversary, every child born that day must be named Aubrey in his honor. The Six God has done well for his city, and in return, the city’s basketball team has done well for him. The Toronto Raptors are looking as formidable as their namesake in insert Jurassic Park movie here. Tonight, at the Raptors vs Houston Rockets game, Drake took to the court to address his loyal fans. While the speech was largely served to bolster morale, he also slid in a few tidbits about his upcoming album.

“I love each and every one you,” says Drake. “I’m happy to be home. I’m working on this new album for the city.” To that, cheers from the audience. Granted, I know that’s not much to go on. In fact, it’s rather vague, isn’t it? Yet Drake has consistently proven to be one the game’s most sought-after artists; when he talks, people listen. We can possibly infer a little bit from his pep talk. Some albums are largely defined by locale – think Kendrick Lamar‘s good kid. mAAd city or Outkast’s ATLiens for example – perhaps the Six will play an integral role in his untitled More Life follow-up.

Either way, it’s good to know that Drizzy continues to grind in album mode. More news this project should emerge once the Canadian winter has tapered f. Check out the footage below.