Drake Passionately Defends His Courtside Actions & Raptors Fans


Drizzy may be having fun going tit-for-tat with Mallory Edens, daughter to Milwaukee Bucks owner Wes Edens, but he had a few words for the press after the Toronto Raptors won Game 5. Drake was watching the game at Jurassic Park, the outdoor viewing party outside Scotiabank Arena in Toronto. As he made his way out with his massive entourage, the rapper gave a passionate speech about the love he has for his city, his team, and their fans.

“Look at this,” he said as he pointed to the crowd behind the press area. “Don’t talk to me. Talk to these people. It’s about these people right here. It’s about the city. Aye, listen. We have the best player. We have the best fans in the whole NBA. In the whole world. Look around. Look around you. Look at this. We created this. This didn’t exist before we were here.”

“Look around the square,” he continued. “I promise you right now, we did this. It doesn’t matter what anybody says. They can say it’s disrespectful. They can say it’s this and that. Everybody’s within the rules. Everybody’s doing their thing. All we are is proud and passionate. We are like a Toronto sports team. The Toronto Raptors are a college sports team, I promise you. I love Toronto. I love this team. And we’re going to the NBA Finals. Let’s go!” He then gave the camera a stank face as he was walking off with his excited crew.