Drake & Ninja's Fortnite Session On Twitch Wasn't A Sponsorship Stunt


Fortnite's been taking over the globe for the past few months with a large part the gaming community going bananas over it. A lot rapper's have been fuckin' with it too to the point where Nyck Caution Pro Era even dropped a song over game's theme song. Last night, Drake shook up Twitch when he and Travis Scott joined Ninja for a Fortnite gaming session. A lot people thought it was some sort sponsored gimmick because, well, it's Drake. However, it seems like that's not the case.

Drake's gaming session with Ninja wasn't part any sort sponsoring gimmick, sources told TMZ. Their report claims that people at Fortnite says that the event wasn't a part a pre-planned thing and was simply an organic game between the best Fortnite player and one the biggest stars around the globe. Apparently, Drake hit Ninja up on Instagram last week for a match. Their match last night just seemed to fit for both their schedules and Drake's tweet helped bring in a hell a lot traction. Fortnite's now about to send Drake some sag for it.

Fortnite's reportedly setting up a a celebrity "Party Royale" game with fifty celebrities and fifty pro gamers. It's supposed to happen in the middle June so we'll keep you posted on that.