Drake May Perform At This Dude’s Wedding After His Post Went Viral


When Drake allegedly gave a man time to garner 100,000 followers and a million likes on his post, he likely didn't believe there was ever a chance of him actually reaching that mark. However, it happened and now, Drake might need to make good on his end of the deal.

A few days ago, a page started gaining traction on Instagram with a man claiming to be getting married next month, praying that Drake can surprise his wife-to-be and perform a few songs at their reception. Normally, a Drake performance would probably cost somewhere in the millions. We're talking about one of the biggest artists in the entire world, after all. The Canadian superstar seemingly saw the message in his crowded inbox before allegedly responding, congratulating the guy on tying the knot with his fiancée and giving him strict guidelines on securing a free concert. "First off, congrats on getting married! And 1 million likes and 100,000 follows. Good luck," wrote the recording artist.

Drake May Perform At This Dude's Wedding After His Post Went Viral
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It only took the man, named Jacob Hawk, six days to reach that mark but his @drake_wedding account has come through in the strongest way possible. Not only has he got more than double the number of followers Drake asked for but his post has got way more than a million likes. 

Everyone is still trying to figure out if this is legit, but Hawk maintains the fact that it is. He was on a radio show this morning where he revealed that he still hasn't heard back from Drizzy. "Every day since he sent that DM I’ve tried hitting him up. He hasn’t responded yet. He hasn’t seen it either," he said.

Do you think Drake will actually come through?