Drake Leads List Of Artists With Most NBA Twitter Follows


A recent poll conducted by a redditor grizz101012 has released a survey counting the musical artists with the most twitter follows by NBA talent. The data is compiled by process literally following every single NBA player, and computationally adding their follow count to a spreadsheet.

Of the inclusions, Wale and Lil B are the two most surprising nearing the top the list. Wale’s has dimmed in the past 5 or so years, and yet his longevity seems to have earned him a firm grip in NBA circles, especially among ballers from the D.M.V (D.C., Maryland, Virginia). Lil B simply put, is a mastermind social media, his presence stretches across every kilobyte imaginable.

This top 20 on the lists seems to suggest which musical artists engage with basketball players on a more regular basis. If this poll were taken in the 90s, Madonna would made a run for the top. The number in the parentheses indicates the number followers among contracted NBA players.

1 Drake (161)

2 J Cole (125)

3 Wale (118)

4 Lil Wayne (115)

5 Meek Mill (103)

6 Wiz Khalifa (97)

7 Kendrick Lamar (90)

8 Fabolous (79)

9 Rick Ross (76)

10 Rihanna (73)

11 Big Sean (71)

12 Future (70)

13 Lil B (68)

14 Chris Brown (63)

15 2 Chainz (59)

16 Jay Z (56)

17 Chance The Rapper (55)

17 Diddy (55)

19 Nicki Minaj (54)

20 Jadakiss (52)

21 50 Cent (48)

The full list is available here in case you were curious.