Drake Getting Destroyed For "Copying" B2K’s "Millennium" Tour For OVO Fest


If you missed out on the Millenium Tour and you’ve been dying to see B2K hit the stage another time, you’re in luck. There may be some crazy drama happening within the B2K camp but the group is still getting together for a reunion show during OVO Fest. The lineup for Drake’s annual party in Toronto was announced yesterday and people were excited to see all the old-school names he was inviting to perform. In addition to B2K, Drizzy also called on Mario, Pretty Ricky, Lloyd, Chingy, the Ying Yang Twins and Bobby V to perform. Some people weren’t too impressed with Drake’s (lack of) creativity in selecting a line-up though.

You’ll recall the reunion tour that B2K had organized, jetting off on the Millennium Tour and earning tons of press because of all the nonsense that was going down behind the scenes. Fans had a good time at their shows and if you happened to miss out on the nostalgic evening, you should be booking a flight to Toronto right now because Millenium is coming to the 6ix for OVO Fest.

As reported by Capital Xtra, Drake is getting dragged for his OVO lineup this year, copying and pasting the Millenium Tour crew and adding them to his proper festival. People are generally excited to be granted another opportunity to see their childhood favs but when it comes to creativity, some wish that Drake would have thought a little harder on who to invite.