Drake Gets Dragged For "Egotistical" Tattoo Of The Beatles


Last week, Drake got a little creative when he found out that he had passed The Beatles in terms of all-time Top 10 finishes on the Billboard Hot 100. He officially defeated the legendary rock group and considering he’s nowhere near the end of his musical career, he’ll likely end up creeping even further up that list in the coming years. To commemorate the feeling, Drizzy Drake added to his collection of somewhat-sus tattoos, inking the iconic Abbey Road sidewalk scene onto his arm and adding himself in front of the boy band. The move was cheeky and it got a lot of his fans laughing. However, some supporters of the famous group were pissed that the Canadian superstar actually got that permanently added to his arm.

Initial reactions to Drake’s new tattoo have been mixed but a majority is coming out against the artist. As we previously explained, it shows Drake standing in front of The Beatles outside of their iconic Abbey Road studio, which can be seen as somewhat of a jab at the legendary group. Of course, to Drake, it’s likely just tongue-in-cheek humor. The tattoo is pretty funny. However, those that are overreacting are purposefully looking past the joke. 

“I think the fact that drake got a tattoo of this is so egotistical,” wrote one fan. “Narcissistic tattoo. If people remember a Drake song in 50 years we will gladly eat our words,” said another. What do you think of Drake’s new tat?