Drake Gets Catcalled & Whistled At After Flying His Private Jet To Bahamas


Before the NBA Finals begin later this week, Drake decided to take some time off in the islands. He flew his massive and very expensive new aircraft to the Bahamas and when he got there, he brought out major crowds everywhere he went. In a video captured by TMZ, you can see just how wild the artist’s life is on a day-to-day basis. Fans sing his lyrics to him at the top of their lungs, people cheer when he simply walks by and, of course, women try their hardest to get into his hotel room with him. During his mini-vacation, there has been a lot of catcalling, whistling and more going on.

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The Toronto Raptors ambassador likely spent anywhere between $185 and $220 million on his new plane and he’s still got major coin left over to drop at the casino tables at his resort. Drake was reportedly spotted with Michael Rubin of the Philadelphia 76ers, spending time at the $500 minimum tables. While he walked through the casino, you could hear whistles and catcalling going on, proving that anywhere the superstar goes, he’s a hot commodity.

Watch the video below and be thankful that you’re not a celebrity. While there are obvious perks to living life as a famous person, it must get tiresome having literally everybody in the world know who you are.