Drake Drops New 'Behind Barz' Freestyle: Watch


Scorpion is barely a week old, but Drake took a break from it to drop a freestyle that touches on themes celebrity and exposure that pop on his new album.

With this “Behind Barz” freestyle for Link Up TV — a regular feature for the YouTube channel — Drake hits the booth to once again prove he's less interested in the flash fame and more about stuff substance in the studio and behind the scenes.

“Emotionless,” the Scorpion track that revealed his dad status, explores this penchant for privacy (“I wasn't hiding my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid”) and move to shy away from the spotlight. “Behind Barz” follows suit, but instead bringing his family into it, he focuses on his career — and ditching those who are more into deals and dollar signs than music and relationships that thrive out the public eye.

“I got way too big f Views/Back to the basics, I won't lose,” he says, rolling through the track at a clip. “They wanna link when they got no tunes/They too worried about sellin' out shoes/I don't give a f–k about jeans or crap/Or going to Milan or going to the Met/I just wanna make these songs for the set…”

Watch his “Behind Barz” freestyle below.