Drake Documentary Unexpectedly Drops In Select Netflix Regions


A seemingly unauthorized Drake documentary simply dropped in Canada, and choose Commonwealth international locations. The undertaking titled Drake: Rewriting the Rules, was undertaken by an unacclaimed British director with little else to his credit score. Mind you, Netflix would not have launched into this endeavor with out paying due diligence, to all legal guidelines of property (involved). The director submitted the next synopsis to IMDb.

"Discover the untold story of how Drake rewrote the principles and rose from a baby actor to turn out to be a cultural phenomenon and international musical icon. He is the king of pop and hip hop, combining many musical kinds into one mainstream sound."

Under regular circumstances, Drake: Rewriting the Rules would beget a primary slot in Netflix' primary banner. Its inconspicuous look (out of nowhere) probably speaks to its manufacturing high quality or lack thereof. And but, Canadians streamers have the given the documentary a passing grade for a number of causes. 

For one, the documentary seems to be centered on Drake's upbringing in Toronto, and his passage on the set of Degrassi. Ray Louis places archival footage to make use of in an effort to keep away from the restrictive nature of the undertaking: the director operated with out an interview or a lot of a soundboard at his disposal. With that being stated, Drake: Rewriting the Rules is under no circumstances, a memoir with lasting worth, so take pleasure in it whereas it lasts.