Drake & Cardi B's Music Can Help Bring Parents & Children Closer, Study Suggests


Music’s one the most powerful art forms in the world. Many people bond with others over their favorite artist or new music and ten times, parents help shape what kind music their kids enjoy as they grow older. While ten times, parents have a hard time understanding why kids listen to the music they listen to and will ten shut it down. However, depending on the artist, it could be a way for parents to create a stronger bond with their kids, according to a new study.

Cardi B, Drake and Ariana Grande’s music could help create a stronger bond between parents and their teenage children, a new study from the University Arizona says. The research suggests parents should try and give some the top 40 artists a chance in order to bond with their teenage child. They say it’ll help the parent have a better understanding what their child listen to today and because they have a better grasp on what their kid listens to today, they’ll also be able to introduce their children to other pop artists that have influenced the sounds today. 

“Students who recalled musical sharing] activities with their parents in adolescence had a stronger effect feelings coordination with parents and subsequently on the qualities their relationships with them],” Dr. Hardwood, who studies music communications at the University Arizona, says. “Moments where adolescents and parents jointly connect with music are less common, so they may be more impactful.”

Who knew that Cardi B and Drake bangers could form a stronger bond between parents and their children.