Drake Banned From Milwaukee Radio Station Ahead Of Bucks Series


Tonight, the Eastern Conference Finals will kick off in Milwaukee as the first seeded Bucks take on Kawhi Leonard and the Toronto Raptors. These are the two best teams in the East and will surely produce an entertaining series that could stand the test of time. It will also be the first time in nine seasons that the Eastern Conference team in the NBA Finals won’t have LeBron James on the roster. The tides are changing in the East and these two franchises are the best example of this.

The Raptors sport one of the most enthusiastic and famous fans in Drake. Drake can be seen sitting courtside at numerous Raptors games all while talking smack to the opposing team. Because of this, 103.7 KISS-FM in Milwaukee has formally banned Drake from their station until after the series is over.

“Drake is from Toronto,” the DJs explained. “Drake is a big smack talker on the basketball court. I say until the series is over, we take a break from playing Drake. No more Drake until the series is done.”

If the Raptors pull off the upset and win the series, perhaps the station will ban Drake forever as hearing his voice will just remind them of the pain of defeat. If the Bucks win though, all will be forgiven.

Regardless, this series is going to be great and we can’t wait to see how it all plays out.