Dragon Ball FighterZ's Launch Breaks Digital Records For Fighting Games


“Dragon Ball FighterZ” has only been out for just over a month, but fans around the world are already singing its praises. Dropping in most regions on January 26th earlier this year, the game had nearly 45,000 players on the game at once within its first 24 hours. In January alone, the game sold 1.5 million digital copies. Reports are making the fighting game out to be the biggest its kind. That’s likely why the game is already adding new characters to the fray.

If you were to judge its success solely f the online fanfare, you’d know this game is huge. The data collected on the game shows that “Dragon Ball FighterZ” had the largest ever digital launch for a fighter game. This is a huge milestone for the latest edition to the series “Dragon Ball” games we’ve had these past few decades. It was also the sixth-highest grossing, digital console game in January. The only games it lagged behind were those with worldwide-acclaim like Grand Theft Auto V, Call Duty: WWII, and FIFA 18. As the game picks up in popularity, the word–mouth accolades will surely give it a push in sales.