'Drag Race' Star Shangela Calls Simon Cowell 'Daddylicious' & Gives 'AGT' Judges Drag Names


Drag star Shangela Laquifa Wadley is easily one the biggest breakout stars RuPaul’s Drag Race. After her performances on seasons 2 and 3 the show, along with her headline-making stint on All Stars 3, Shangela has become one the most talked about drag queens in the world. So who better to dole out some drag knowledge than the diva drag herself?

Shangela stopped by America’s Got Talent to fer her talents to the judges the show. The queen said that in order to be a true icon, each the judges were going to need their own drag names. “No true diva is a diva, whether they be male, female or anywhere in between, without a pressional drag name,” she said in a video posted to the show's Twitter account on Tuesday (May 29). “So I am here to gift the judges with drag aficionados.”

First on her list was Mel B, AKA Scary Spice. Shangela complimented Mel on her iconic fashion sense, before deciding to keep her name within the spice family, naming her Cumin Paprika. “A lot divas can’t pull f a sexy catsuit like this,” she said. “It’s really just Catwoman, Jennifer Lopez and a bank thief.”

While going through the rest the judges, Shangela stopped on host Tyra Banks and noted that she was much too good to let go. Thus, the queen decided to name her Tyra Laquifa Wadley Edwards, effectively keeping her within her own drag house. “I’m not letting nobody else take her, she’s about to be in my drag family,” she said.

Finally, Shangela came to Simon Cowell himself, who she immediately had an affinity for, calling him a “sexy gay daddy” and asking him to let her “be your adopted child from Malawi.” So, naturally for the “daddylicious” Cowell, Shangela gave him perhaps the most appropriate drag names, calling him Zaddy Mac Zaddy, saying “When you repeat your name twice, you’re doing something, boo.”

Watch Shangela give all the AGT judges their drag names below:

Hallelooo #AGTpremiere day!! — @itsSHANGELA is here to give our judges their very own drag names! pic.twitter.com/UqpYt7o6Wm

— America's Got Talent (@AGT) May 29, 2018