'Drag Race' Queens Reveal Their Favorite Lip Sync Battles, 'Snatch Game' Performances & More: Watch


In the fourth and final installment Billboard Pride’s “Spillin’ the Tea” video series, RuPaul’s Drag Race queens Ginger Minj, Eureka O’Hara, Miz Cracker, Jasmine Masters, Tammie Brown and Shea Couleé play a game “Name That Queen” and discuss their favorite lip sync battles, “Snatch Game” performances, and workroom entrances from the reality television show so far.

In the first part the video, the queens are given secret cards, with each featuring a picture a different Drag Race alum. The contestants are then asked to each place the card on their foreheads and guess who they have based on clues from their drag sisters. Ginger Minj kicks things f with a card featuring Raven, while Eureka O’Hara accidentally sees her card featuring Willam before she even hazards any guesses. Shea Couleé then has to figure out that her card has a picture Trinity K. Bonet, but things get a bit more divisive when it’s Cracker’s turn, as her card features controversial queen Tyra Sanchez.

Jasmine Masters then takes her turn at the game and instantly guesses Vanessa Vanjie Mateo after being told that the queen had an “iconic exit” (never forget Miss Vanjie). Next, Tammie Brown has to guess Trixie Mattel and is given clues that she looks like a Barbie doll, she won All Stars 3 and, as Shea says, “You guys look like you would be in a folk band together.”

Following the game, the panelists look back at the past 10 seasons Drag Race, with Ginger asking her fellow queens what they think are some the show’s most iconic moments to date. Eureka mentions Lady Gaga’s appearance on the first episode season 9, while Jasmine highlights the moment Patti LaBelle sent her a message.

Ginger recalls the time that she got John Waters’ stamp approval during his appearance on the show. “John Waters and Divine, they saved me as a child,” she shares. “It was my Drag Race. It's all I had to look forward to, and the only thing that let me know it's okay to be a little fat gay boy from a little country town.”

The queens also chat about their favorite lip syncs over the years, with Cracker praising Bob the Drag Queen’s innate talent for the art. Shea mentions her season nine sister Valentina, calling the masked lip sync “iconic” and Eureka gives props to Alyssa Edwards and Tatiana in season two.

And not to be forgotten, the current season saw an amazing lip sync from Monét X Change and Dusty Ray Bottoms — or as Shea calls it, “The fake-out death drop heard around the world.”

The queens also chat most memorable workroom entrances, with Jasmine loving her own because she had a six-pack at the time. Cracker notes that she will always remember Tempest DuJour’s awkward entrance that featured her dropping a baby, while Eureka thinks that Jaymes Mansfield’s puppet-assisted entrance was “something else.” Also, Vivacious’ iconic headpiece Ornacia gets a special shout-out, as does Laganja Estranja’s epic death drop.

Before the queens close out the video, they also chat about memorable “Snatch Game” performances, with Cracker naming Bianca Del Rio’s impersonation Judge Judy as one her favorites and Ginger admiring Jinkx Monsoon’s Little Edie impression. Ginger also praises Kennedy Davenport for her daring yet hilarious take on Little Richard, while Alaska Thunderfuck and Bob the Drag Queen also get admiration from the queens.