'Drag Race' Finalist Asia O'Hara Says She Was Threatened With Being 'Burned Alive' on Twitter


The queens RuPaul’s Drag Race receive plenty perks for appearing on the show: national exposure, larger fan bases, and potentially $100,000. But one thing almost every queen from the show also receives is a significant amount online hate. Season 10 finalist Asia O’Hara is the latest queen to reveal the hate she’s received.

The Texas-based drag star, whose boy name is Antwan Mason Lee, took to Twitter on Tuesday night (June 19) to share a personal story from her childhood, where she said a group neighborhood kids attempted to set her on fire when she was 11 years old because being gay. “Since that night, I have grown to what I thought was a strong, resilient person,” O’Hara wrote. “I left that night and those faces behind me, never telling a soul.”

However, the queen continued and said that she was recently threatened to be “burned alive” over social media. “This time not because my flamboyance or vibrance, but because the color my skin,” she wrote. “That strong and resilient person I had become was instantly reduced back to that 11 year old boy.”

The queen finished out her post by adding that social media simply reveals the true nature people, be that good or bad, and thanked her fans for their support. “It is through sharing this story I am hoping to regain my strength and my joy,” she wrote. “And to again learn to enjoy all the wonderful things I have in my life.”

Multiple queens from the show tweeted out messages support to Asia, including Aja, Pandora Boxx and Shea Couleé, denouncing the hatred and reminding her that she was loved by her Drag Race sisters. “You are one the fiercest and strongest people I know,” wrote the queen's fellow finalist Aquaria. “I love u so much and will fight anyone that fucks with you.”

The Vixen, who began this season's much-needed dialogue on race relations, fered up a different type support. The queen tweeted that she wanted to know who threatened her sister. “So, you know I’m not gone rest until you tell me names, Twitter handles, addresses, church affiliations and social security numbers anyone dumb enough to come for my sister,” she wrote in one tweet, while adding in another, “Any threat to my sisters is a threat to me! And I got lighters too … know that.”

Asia recently revealed in an interview with Billboard that until making it to Drag Race, she had never felt that she didn’t receive the attention or respect that she deserved. It wasn’t until after getting on the show that she felt truly discriminated against: “The last couple months have been the first time in my life where I have ever felt that I wasn't treated equally because I'm a person color.”

Read Asia’s full statement and a number the responses from the queens  Drag Race below: