'Drag Race' Alumna Gia Gunn Starts Crowdfunding Campaign to Pay for Her Transition Surgeries


It has been over a year since RuPaul’s Drag Race season six contestant Gia Gunn publicly came out as transgender. In a video posted to her Instagram page in honor Transgender Visibility Day 2017, Gunn said: “I have been on hormone replacement therapy for about a year and I identify as female and I am indeed transgender.”

Now, Gunn is taking the next step in her transition and planning the surgery she needs to have the body she wants. The Drag Race alum posted a GoFundMe fundraising page on her social media, asking fans to donate what they could to help her pay for her surgeries.

“Since I was 5 years old, I always felt like a girl,” Gunn wrote on the page. “Once I discovered transitioning to the opposite gender was an option, I committed to that journey and dreamed modifying my body to match my true self.”

She added that while she understands a person’s body does not define their gender, she wants to take this next step to realize her true identity. “What I choose to do with my body has nothing to do with the reality me being a woman,” she wrote. “I also realize that surgery will not solve all my problems. But I have worked so hard on the inside to get to this point honesty, and now I’m ready to work on the outside.”

Gunn broke down the costs her surgeries, including breast implants and a fat transfer to her butt and hips,to a total $30,000, a price that the star is not able to pay out pocket. “There are times in our life when we need to ask for help and for me, this is one those times,” she wrote.

The star posted her GoFundMe page in tandem with her online #30DaysInTransition series. The star has been sharing, YouTube and Instagram, the various parts her ongoing transition, including coming out, self-love and passing as female.

In just one day, Gunn has raised over $2,600, thanks in part to a  $1,000 donation from her Drag Race sister Alaska Thunderfuck. “Support @GiaGunn in her transition journey by donating here,” the All Stars 2 winner wrote on Twitter.

Visit Gia Gunn's GoFundMe page here.

'Drag Race' Alumna Gia Gunn Starts Crowdfunding Campaign to Pay for Her Transition Surgeries