Dr. Phil's Sister-In-Law Has Died 17 Years After Surviving Acid Attack


Dr. Phil’s sister-in-law Cindi Broaddus, who survived a near-fatal acid attack 17 years ago, has passed away. Broaddus was sisters with Dr. Phil’s wife Robin McGraw. According to her obituary, which was published online by The Duncan Banner, she had died over a week ago on Monday, February 19; however, her cause death has not yet been revealed. She was buried on February 23, which unfortunately coincided with her 69th birthday. 

In 2001, Broaddus was struck by a jar sulphuric acid that was tossed f an overpass. According to People Magazine, she suffered from burns that engulfed 70% her body and underwent 12 surgeries to try and repair the effects the attack.

Initially, doctors gave Broaddus a 30% survival rate, as the wounds were severe enough to kill her. However, she luckily survived the incident and went on to lead a meaningful life alongside her family. 

Robin McGraw took to Instagram to post a touching tribute containing a collage photos containing her now-deceased sister. McGraw captioned the photo with a heartfelt sentiment that reads “I am reposting @branlo35 post….I am so proud you and Angela and Shelli. We are all heartbroken and will miss her everyday. She was our hero. You 3 all made her life a dream. She lived everyday for her daughters and you always made her the happiest woman ever! I will celebrate her and her strength and her unwavering support for me the rest my life. I miss her dearly.”

Broaddus is survived by her three daughters, as well as her several grandchildren/siblings.