Dorian Watches, Observes, Writes And Sings About Unconditional Love | Songs In The Key Of Love


New Jersey native singer-songwriter Dorian has spent most of his life dreaming and imagining love. He watches, observes, writes and sings about love, more precisely the only form of love he considers worthy of calling it so, unconditional love. His two debut albums,  Songs In The Key Of Love and  Songs In The Key Of Love 2, each complement each other and offer a specially pure vibe, for the perfect listening experience for all those yearning for joy, awareness, and unconditional love. Dorian’s mind blowing vocals seem to be the perfect fit to layer over this contemporary electro-r&b inspired records, which will take the music world by storm. 

These two ear candy albums are Dorian’s first major move in music, and are available on Spotify and most major streaming services.