Dorian Does L.A., Explores Deep Friendships in 'Algunos Amigos' Premiere


The Barcelona-based group brings new wave and electronica sensibilities as they address the good, the bad and the bittersweet in friendships.

The latest Dorian music video, premiering on Billboard today (July 5), begins with scenes from a sunny Los Angeles and a white convertible. The band's frontman Marc Gili is driving, and along the way, he picks up his bandmates as he sings “Algunos Amigos” (Some Friends).

“Some friends have disappeared,” Gili croons at the opening the song, and with that, begins an examination friendships and their many transformations.

“The video reflects the deep friendship that unites Dorian, a band that has managed to cross borders and become an international reference in the Spanish-speaking scene,” says Gili, who founded the band in 2004. “But the lyrics 'Some Friends' also have a bitter aftertaste, and speaks those comrades who left, while openly confronting the changing dimension personal relationships as we move forward in life.”

The new single is part Dorian's May 2018 Nacional Records album release titled Justice Universal, which features 11 tracks from the band and is now available here.

The band's quirky prile is seen in music videos such as “Noches Blancas” (White Nights), which opens with a man and woman about to begin a karate-style match. Dorian's videos are colorful and vibrant, but they never take away from the band's deeper exploration  real-life themes such as friendships. 

Dorian is currently on an extensive tour through the end the year, and recently opened for the Mexican band Zoé during the U.S. leg.

Watch “Algunos Amigos” below.