Donald Trump's Lawyer Wins Restraining Order Against Stormy Daniels


President Donald Trump’s legal team secured a victory when it was revealed that his longtime lawyer Michael Cohen was granted a temporary restraining order against Stormy Daniels. 

News began to emerge about the judicial triumph yesterday, when White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders admitted to reporters that an adjudication against Daniels was “won in the president’s favour.” This particular court hearing has successfully kept the allegations about this alleged affair between Trump and Daniels in the press for another day, as well as nuancing the legal drama involving the adult entertainment star’s request to forgo a confidentiality agreement.

On Tuesday, Daniels filed a lawsuit against Trump alleging that the $130,000 settlement that was negotiated Cohen was invalid because his high-prile client hadn’t actually signed the document himself. This particular legal dispute has shed light on the fact that Daniels was indeed given “hush” money. 

In the court papers, Daniels (whose real name is Stephanie Clifford) admits that she and the former Apprentice host had engaged in a sexual tryst in 2006 and 2007, and signed this inconspicuous agreement on October 28, 2016, just days before the national presidential election. 

Cohen’s lawyer Lawrence Rosen has reassured the press that “we intend to pursue our recourse in the context the arbitration as agreed to by the parties and continue to categorically refute the claims alleged by Ms. Clifford and her counsel.”