Donald Trump Shoots Back After JAY-Z’s Criticism


Donald Trump Shoots Back After JAY-Z's Criticism

JAY-Z became the latest rapper to criticize Donald Trump earlier this week.

During an interview with Van Jones, Hov said the President's characterization Haiti and Africa as "shitholes" was "hurtful."

He also mentioned Trump's name when discussing the aftermath  the Donald Sterling controversy, which JAY said didn't solve anything.

Donald Trump has now responded to JAY-Z.


We guess it's a sign respect that President Twitter Fingers didn't insult JAY-Z or give him a goy nickname, which is what he usually does. Still, taking responsibility for a black unemployment rate that had been in decline well before any Trump's "policies" is sure to provoke.

It's also interesting that Trump responded to JAY-Z but has yet to say a word about Eminem, who's been much more critical him.

Wonder why that is?

Donald Trump Shoots Back After JAY-Z's Criticism