Donald Trump Meets Twitter CEO & Complains About Losing Followers


A sit-down occurred between 45th U.S president Donald Trump and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on April 23rd. Surprisingly, reports indicate most of their conversation consisted of Trump complaining about losing Twitter followers. According to the Washington Post, anonymous sources revealed the president directly questioned Dorsey about the follower loss. It was then explained that follower fluctuation often results from spambot removal procedures. This get-together seems timely considering Trump blasted Twitter for being “discriminatory” earlier that day.

Since his arrival in the oval office, Trump has regularly made use of the social media platform to share his feelings and opinions about an array of topics (and people). The latter tends to place him at the center of chatter and/or controversy. This past February, for instance, the president received backlash following a series of odd tweets drafted in honor of Black History Month. While in March, the leader went onto dragging Amazon in a harshly-worded tweet aiming at the site’s lowering market value. Thus, despite Donnie’s displeasure with losing followers and Twitter’s overall ways, it does not look like he will stop using the platform any time soon. 

Further details on Trump and Dorsey’s dialogue have not yet been shared.