Donald Glover's Success Was Expected By "Community" Cast, Joel McHale Says


For anyone who’s watched Donald Glover over the years, you know the glo’ up was very real. Glover first major introduction to the masses was on “Community” but since then, he became a creative genius on all fronts. Joel McHale recently joined Big Boy’s neighborhood where he chimed in on Glover’s success over the year.

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Joel McHale and the rest the “Community” cast expected Glover’s success from the jump. “When I first met him and you first started seeing him perform, you realized how special he was,” McHale said. He added that Glover had a unique ability being able to add comedy into scenes where there were no comedy. He also mentioned that Glover was always on his grind. In between takes, he’d be working on music on his laptop.

“You would see him on his laptop in between takes with his headphones on, you could see him doing the beats and working out lyrics, and you’d be like, ‘What’s that fun little side project you’re working on?'” He said. He added that nothing that he’s doing right now surprised any cast members on “Community.” 

“I will say that nothing he’s done is unexpected by any the cast members. We assume he will be president the world at some point.” He said.

Despite Glover’s success, he adds that he’s still the same old Donald he knew when they were filming Community.

“Every time we see each other, he’s still Donald. He’s still the nicest guy you’ve ever met.” He said.

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You could watch the full interview below with the Donald bit starting at the 11:55 mark.