Donald Glover Meets Girl Scout With "Redbone" Parody, Buys 113 Cookies


Donald Glover’s Atlanta is back tonight. For those eager to see where “Earn” and “Vanessa” stand, or whether “Paper Boi” will continue to climb the ranks or simply fall back on the drug game, this moment has come not a moment too soon. 

Glover visited Stephen Colbert’s Late Show Wednesday evening to discuss the Atlanta relaunch among other things. One anecdote that was particular rousing, was his response to the “Redbone” parody that generated 2.2 million views on Facebook. The parody video which kicks f as a father motions to his daughter in the backseat. He then exclaims:”this some good cookie selling music right here,” and his daughter on cue, dressed in a girl scout uniform, starts singing Childish Gambino‘s “Redbone” with a slight parodical twist, using the song as a pitch to sell her cookies. Glover told Colbert that we he was so touched by the video that he reached out to the father/daughter and made arrangements to buy the whole sum her cookie batch, a whopping 113 boxes.

Be sure to tune into Atlanta on FX tonight at 10pm est. Watch the full Colbert interview below, and take a minute to enjoy the “Redbone” parody in all its playful innocence.