Don Gramur is urging his Music Fans to Come Alive this Year


With so much going on in the world today, it’s critical that people maintain a positive attitude. Every person has their own journey, and the challenges of life may be overwhelming at times. People are overcoming depression, suicidal thoughts, financial difficulties, and other afflictions.

So, when people are stressed, what do they do? Many people listen to music to unwind after a long day at work. Music has such an impact because many people listen to radio stations and streaming platforms throughout the day, whether at work, the gym, visiting friends, or simply going for a joy ride.

As a result, the demand for positive and uplifting music is growing. With music having such a global impact, artists like Don Gramur are helping to uplift and inspire music fans to break free from depression and negative thinking.

Don Gramur recently released his latest single, “Come Alive,” to give his fans a boost of motivation and courage to get through whatever they’re going through. In the second verse of the song, Don Gramur raps “Come Alive, we can get to celebrating like you won a prize, we can get to elevating if you’re gonna’ try, why you sitting ‘round acting like you wanna’ die? My brothas better come alive, my sistas better come alive.”

Don Gramur is trending and changing the way people perceive music and lyrical content through his lyrics and inspiration from the Most High. Rappers in the music industry frequently rap about killing opps, sexual acts, and hard drugs. Don Gramur believes that these actions are more harmful to society because people may be unaware of the impact music has on their minds.

The human mind is comparable to a hard drive. If a person downloads junk onto their hard drive on a daily basis, it will eventually harm them. Consider Don Gramur to be the artist who is here to assist music fans in cleaning up their hard drives and returning to peak performance.

Gramur is not only a positive and influential artist, but he is also very talented at what he does, and each song he releases is catchy and unique.

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