Don Diablo's 10 Best Songs: Critic's Picks


If you wanna talk about melodic presence, big atmospheres and feel-good moods, Don Diablo is one the definite greats this generation. The Dutch DJ and producer's kind soul and dedication shine through each song, and it's part the reason his fans stick with him through thick and thin. 

He's king the universal message and godfather the future house movement. Indeed, his 2018 album FUTURE hit No. 9 on the Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart in February. It served as his most personal work to date, a true thesis statement on his musical aspirations, accomplishments and point view – but he's been making waves since he first hit the scene.

Today, we celebrate the brightest moments in his catalog with 11 fan favorites. From cool collaborations to serious solo achievements, here are the 10 best Don Diablo songs.

11. Don Diablo, Steve Aoki, Lush & Simon – “What We Started” Feat. BullySongs

Is there anything more adorable than seeing your favorite DJs and producers portrayed by young actors as their childhood selves? We know lil Don Diablo, Steve Aoki and Lush & Simon didn't actually run around tossin' glaciers together, but we're going to suspend belief and enjoy the ride.

10. Don Diablo – “Save A Little Love”

Another FUTURE tune reminds us what's really important in life. Whatever gets you down in the daytime, leave a little room for true love at night – even if it's just a solo dance to a Don Diablo song that brings you to life.

9. Don Diablo & A R I Z O N A – “Take Her Place”

Rebounds take a big W with this FUTURE single that landed at No. 23 on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart in December 2017. The pain hurts so good thanks to some cool collaborating from rising electronic band A R I Z O N A.

8. Don Diablo – “Universe” Feat. Emeni

Diablo uses his platform to tell another's inspiring story. Triumph over fear and push yourself to new heights. You'll find the Universe is more beautiful, forgiving and easily dominated than you could have ever imagined. 

7. Tiesto & Don Diablo – “Chemicals” Feat. Thomas Troelson

The young Don and the old don come together on this feel-good anthem. We humans may be emotional bundles electrical impulse and chemical reaction, but damn it feels good to be alive when the music blares. 

6. Don Diablo – “Momentum”

Don Diablo cops a feel on a Fatboy Slim classic for this momentous catalog classic. From his 2017 album FUTURE, “Momentum” peaked at No. 44 on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart in August 2017. Be in the moment with its overflowing optimism. 

5. Don Diablo – “On My Mind”

Feel the funk as it takes over your whole body with this 2015 summer smash. That vocal sample from 1985's “Saturday Love,” by Cherrelle and Alexander O'Neal, is absolute perfection.

4. Don Diablo & Matt Nash – “Starlight”

A rare collaboration from 2014 blesses the list with anthemic 2010 house feels. This is uplifting energy to send your soul soaring through the clouds. Big ups the pure rave mood in the music video. Never come down as “Starlight” paves the way. 

3. Don Diablo – “Back In Time”

Another heater from the 201 chapter, “Back In Time” is one those Don Diablo songs that just forces you to groove. It sandwiches a starry-eyed interlude between raw-edged hooks. Definitely keep this one in long-time rotation.

2. Don Diablo – “AnyTime”

Classic Diablo comes in strong on this 2014 ode to bold house booms. Just try to play this one without feeling your ultimate self. House the place out and sing along to this serious hitter. Also, shout out the star-studded music video. 

1. Don Diablo – “Cutting Shapes”

Dancing is the reason we're all here, and Diablo's 2016 stand-alone single “Cutting Shapes” puts words and a beat to the magic we all feel on the floor. The soulful vocal cuts a rug and runs a gamut pitches straight into our hearts.