Doja Cat’s Man Gasses Her Up And She Eats It Up: Watch


If you managed to snag Doja Cat as your lady, you better make sure to shower her in praise for being such a babe. Apparently, Doja Cat knows what she deserves because she found a man who does exactly that. In a video that she posted on her Instagram – captioned “Daddy gas me up so good all the time” – said man films her to capture her badass outfit. At first, she demurely shows off her cropped white tank, plaid-patterned pants. Her mans’ first “Okay, baby” encourages her to feel herself a bit more, prompting her to take off her jacket. As he repeats the same chant over and over, getting increasingly loud and enthusiastic, Doja can’t help but get fired up. She begins to twerk and dance as her boo breaks out into full-blown screams. 

Either this dude is a new addition to Doja’s life or she’s been keeping her relationship status confidential, because most of the top comments on the post express disappointment in learning that she is taken. One distraught follower writes, “Pack it up boys, it’s over.” Another decides to head out too, writing, “Oh…she not single..*Inserts Spongebob meme*.” 

As Doja Cat’s star continues to rise, her Instagram page heats up with new looks and new friends. After opening up for her Houston concert, Doja took some mind-blowing photos with Megan Thee Stallion that had people thirsting.