DMX’s Sudden Absence At Def Jam Party Left Label Scrambling


DMX is a legend in the game, one of the best to ever do it. Those who would dare dispute such an unwavering fact would have a better chance of shouting at the wind to change its course. Yet those familiar with the rapper’s career are likely familiar with some of his foibles, which occasionally toss wrenches into the best-laid plans. That was a lesson learned by Def Jam, who found themselves dealing with an absentee X on the night of his big performance.

DMX's Sudden Absence At Def Jam Party Left Label Scrambling


Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The stage was set, with DMX on the schedule for Def Jam’s 35th Anniversary performance; why wouldn’t he be, having recently signed a brand new deal complete with a Christmas Album? And yet, when the time came, DMX was nowhere to be seen. Page Six claims that X’s failure to show left the label utterly shook, as nobody was locked down as a replacement. Luckily, the Ruff Ryders loyalty runs deep, and former crew-mate Jadakiss and fellow Punchline aficionado Fabolous stepped up to hold it down.

“He was literally MIA. Fabolous and Jadakiss saved the day in the eleventh hour,” says one of Page Six’s sources. From the sound of it, their performance consisted off a few hits, and presumably a cut or two off 2017’s Freddy Vs. Jason. We can only hope that whatever plagued X to begin with has been sorted out, as the rapper deserves to be happy at this stage of the game.