DMX Reportedly Has To Pay Up $2.3 Million Once Being Released From Prison


The case surrounding DMX and his tax evasion came to a close last week when it was reported that the rapper was sentenced to one year in prison for not paying $1.7 million in taxes. During his final trial, his lawyer played his video for “Slippin'” to give the court an idea his struggles, but still his sentence was set. 

New reports  TMZ say that DMX will have to fork over a whopping $2.3 million in restitution. Apparently, he’s allowed to pay monthly installments 10% f his monthly income that will begin two months once he’s released from prison. 

The judge in his case has recommended he spends his time at Danbury Federal Correctional Facility – the same institution that inspired Orange is the New Black – and that X must participate in an outpatient substance abuse and mental health program. 

Before DMX’s sentence was announced, NBA star Jayson William fered to have him at his rehab program. “He wasn’t evading taxes on purpose. When you’re in a self-destruct mode,” he said. “You’re not going, ‘I’m gonna pay my taxes tomorrow.’ You’re going, ‘Hey man, I’m not even going to live. My self-esteem is low. I gotta take myself outta here.'”