DJ Khaled Yelling At His Wife To "Buy The Whole Store" Is Hilarious


Everybody knows that DJ Khaled is a proud family man. His son, Asahd Tuck Khaled, sits like a king on the cover Khaled’s last album Grateful. If you keep up with Khaled’s daily social media updates, it isn’t hard to tell that his wife, Nicole Tuck, and his son are his life. The beautiful couple seems energetic and happy whenever we see them, and the reason for that could be therapeutic shopping sprees. What more could a wife ask for!

On Sunday, DJ Khaled took to Instagram to post videos himself taking his wife shopping. “I told my queen buy the whole store out while I walk around and catch a vibe,” captions Khaled on the first two posts. He cooly dances around the store playing the Migos and Pharrell Williams collaboration “Stir Fry.” Khaled whips his wrist and two steps around customers as if he’s the only one in the store. 

In the second post, Khaled rides up an escalator with his wife. “Hunny, buy out the whole store,” exclaims Khaled excitedly. He continues on to follow his wife, to her dismay, around the department store recording her while repeating himself. “Buy out the store.” “Why are you so loud?,” asks Tuck irately. At the end the video, Khaled approaches the cashier and asks how much his wife spent. “25,600,” she states while handling a receipt as long as her arm. 

Now that’s how you keep a relationship going strong.