DJ Khaled Was "A Born Hustler" In Throwback, Pre-Beard Pic


A hustler’s ambition has no expiration date. Such was always the case for DJ Khaled, who recently took to Instagram to remind fans that the depth of his grind was far from overnight. The beloved mogul and father of Asahd shared a throwback picture of himself (a trend he has done on occasion), though the Khaled we’ve since come to know is still visible in his face. 

“Born hustler VISON ALWAYS BEEN CLEAR,” he writes, after flexing a vintage watch from the one and only Jacob. “This pic was taken in KINGSTON JAMAICA. My beard was just kicking in.” Before “We The Best.” Before “Chandelieeeer.” Before “MY SON.” Before “THIS IS WHAT AN ANGEL SOUNDS LIKE.” A piece of history, right down to the Jacob reference. 

Though Khaled has occasionally come under fire, particularly from those fatigued by his endless exuberance, the picture serves as a reminder that the man has risen on the strength of his own drive and character. Say what you will about the man, but Khaled certainly put in the work – it’s no wonder his joie de vivre runs so high. Check out young, pre-beard Khaled now, and sound off below!