DJ Khaled Graces Cover Without "Prince Jewel" Asahd


XXL is here to remind us that print media is still long ways from becoming obsolete, or so they hope. The point is, they managed to link up with DJ Khaled ahead of Father of Asahd’s drop date. Upon meeting at his $21.8 million mansion in Miami, Khaled and XXL had already put pen to paper on an agreement that would see an exclusive 32-page edition of the magazine put into circulation.

“This is my 11th album so I’m making sure that I’m evolving,” Khaled told XXL during their meet and greet. “But at the same time, I’m changing the game. I’ve been watching the game. I felt like a lot of good music came out but only a handful of the great shit [has come out]. So, with Father of Asahd, everybody, I mean everybody will have to go back in the studio and analyze what they are doing and analyze how they are going to give it to the world.”

Khaled created a mirror image of XXL’s posting with one of his own, with demands that his face take up every page of the magazine. “Rise and shine! #FATHEROFASAHD here! Just starting your day with …NEW COVER ALERT!! @xxl asked me to be on the cover I said… GIMME THE WHOLE MAGAZINE!” DJ Khaled with the same palpable intensity he brings to every seminar. Pick up your copy in-store, and check out Father of Asahd (before you do) while you’re at it.