DJ Khaled Catches Hell For Posting Twerk Video During Muslim Holy Month


DJ Khaled is presumably still riding high off the success of his latest album Khaled Khaled, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 last week. But his recent decision to post a video of bikini-clad women twerking during the holy month of Ramadan isn’t sitting right with the Muslim community.

The video arrived via Instagram on Wednesday (May 12), the last day of Ramadan. In the clip — apparently from a music video shoot for “Body In Motion” featuring Lil Baby — the camera seems to focus on one woman near Khaled who’s twerking with a bottle on top of her rear.

He wrote in the caption, “Getting a lot calls and the fans asking where the #BODYANDMOTION video at , @josephkahn send me the video get to @samlecca . I’m thinking to let go SOON , it’s on @josephkahn thoe send that ! #KHALEDKHALED #1 album in the country! LETS GO ! Oh yeah #IDIDIT VIDEO ALMOST DONE AS WELL !!!!”


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Ramadan is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community. Both men and women are recommended to dress conservatively, meaning no tight or revealing clothing. Considering the women are half-naked, their attire clearly doesn’t fall under those guidelines.

The backlash was swift and comments such as “Yo khaled it’s Ramadan, “It’s Ramadan my friend think you forgot” and “Don’t you got a wife dawg” started pouring in. Another commenter was more direct and wrote, “You’re not following your religion very well.” Some even vowed to stop following DJ Khaled on Instagram, writing, “It’s the last of Ramadan. And al Aqsa was attacked again. This is what you post. Unfollowing you.”

Khaled, who originates from Palestine, was also reminded of the current conflict between Israel and Palestine with, “You do realize your country Palestine is literally being destroyed by Zionist and you’re on here posting videos of women shaking their assets on the last day of the holy month of Ramadan??”

The veteran producer has yet to respond to the controversy and hasn’t removed the video either, but that doesn’t mean he’s completely aloof to what’s going on in the world. Prior to the twerk video, he posted his prayers for Palestinians via instagram as well.

“Sending love and light and prayers to my Palestinian brothers & sisters and Everyone around the world,” he wrote. “IM PRAYING FOR PEACE AND LOVE TO THE WORLD , PEACE AND LOVE TO EVERYONE!”


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