DJ Akademiks Targets Peter Rosenberg After Receiving Shady Tweet


DJ Akademiks’ attention has turned from Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion to Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg. After a wild week that saw Ak attacking Hip Hop’s Hottie, Rosenberg let off his thoughts: “Akademiks talks a lot of trash for someone who would go broke if Twitch and YouTube got shut down.”

From there, Ak let off his clip:

“Rosenberg, I probably made more this year on Spotify than you’ve made your entire career at Hot 97. I don’t fck with y’all nggas. Y’all been knew. I never apologize to none of y’all, I ain’t fck with y’all, I created my own sht. So, good, I’m glad you said that. It’s on now.”

Ak would go on to say they can fight. “We can meet up and box. I’m not doing it on no celebrity thing.”