DJ Akademiks Says RICO Cases Are ‘Cleansing’ Hip Hop: ‘Indictments Are Coming’


DJ Akademiks sat down with DJ Vlad recently and the internet titans discussed lyrics being used in court and more specifically against Young Thug in the YSL RICO case. 

Ak believes authorities should be able to use bars against rappers if the evidence supports their theories, but he feels it shouldn’t have to come to that.

“Why would [Thug] get on Instagram and tag him and say I would’ve been killed you if I didn’t like you for your kids and your mom,” he said. “I’m 100 percent also in the same school of thought as I hope they don’t weaponize lyrics. But then the YSL situation is not one of those things I can say they’re weaponizing lyrics. They’re supported by a lot of things we don’t know.”

Ak thinks Hip Hop is going through a “cleanse” as district attorneys across the country are following suit and throwing RICO cases at artists who they believe have gang affiliations.

“I think rap is going through a cleansing right now,” he explained. “As I said, all these D.A.’s are following each other. The Philly D.A. — they said, ‘We know so and so is beefing with so and so, like two gangs. If you are in these gangs, you better stop and if you around these gangs, you better get the hell away from them. Indictments are coming.’

“And they named 10 of them. The police are kind of keen to what’s going on and they’re also linking it a lot with music. We’re in the biggest gangsta era ever now.”

The internet personality went on to predict that a new wave of music will come out of this to dominate rap’s mainstream while the street rhymers are put behind bars.

During a live stream earlier in August, Akademiks rebranded YSL to YS-Tell after a leaked document alleged one of the affiliates snitched on the crew and fed the authorities info.

“YSL new name? YS-Tell,” he ranted. “Everybody tellin’, OK?! Everybody tellin’. All that slime and slat shit, they basically going to prosecutors and singing agreements, n-gga.”

Young Thug was recently denied bond for the third time and will remain in Cobb County Jail until his trial starts in January.